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Description: 100 % Microfibra, 150 cm width

Available colours: White

Use: Cushions, blankets and others

Polyester Emma

Description: 100 % waterproof polyester, 155 cm width, 500g/m²

Available colours: White

Use: Baby bibs and other waterproof produkcts

Polyester Sam

Description: 93 % Polyester, 7 % Elastomer, 140 cm width, 260g/m²

Available colours: White

Use: Elastic covers, luggage covers and others

Polyester Sophie

Description: 100 % cotton, 150 cm width, 200g/m²

Available colours: White

Use: Clothes, kitchen textiles and others

100 % cotton

Description: 100 % polyester, durable fabric, 170 cm width

Available colours: White

Use: storage boxes, laundry basket and others

Polyester Boston

Description: 100 % polyester, 155 cm width

Available colours: White

Use: Tabourets, seat bags and others

Polyester Buffalo

Description: 100 % cotton, 320g/m², 160 cm width

Available colours: White, beige

Use: Placemats, dinner napkins, cushions and others

100% cotton - natural canvas

Description: 100 % polyester, 100 cm width

Available colours: White

Use: carpets, doormats and others

Carpet fabric Leon

Description: Durable polyester, waterproof, 155 cm width, 500g/m²

Available colours: black

Use: bottom of blankets, waterproof covers and others

Waterproof Bella

Description: 100 % cotton, sateen, 160 cm width, 130 g/

Available colours: White

Use: Bed linens and others

100 % cotton - sateen

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